FREE Guided Meditation: Ground Yourself & Connect With Feelings Of Joy

Experience our free guided meditation lead by Internationally Accredited Meditation Teacher, Holistic Health Specialist & Reiki Master Sarah Baker.

Experience your first multi-sensory meditation with us. This mini education and guided meditation will show you how to tap into your senses to create a feeling of comfort, security, and to connect with emotions of joy and happiness.


For this meditation, you will need to have on hand:


— Your favorite smelling candle, incense, or essential oil.
— Your favorite beverage or tonic: this can be your favorite tea, coffee, tonic concoction, or wine.
— Something you can touch or wrap around you that feels cozy like a weighted blanket, a silk robe, or a fuzzy  blanket or shawl.
— Optional: A photo of your favorite vacation, your dream home, or something you want to call into your life.
— An eye mask or a small towel to cover your eyes for part of this meditation practice.
Please wear a short sleeved top so that you can feel the texture of your shawl, robe or blanket against the skin on your arms.