Visualization Ritual Kit


Create a visualization or manifestation practice with our visualization ritual kit. Each kit is infused with healing Reiki energy to promote harmony and balance each time you work with your visualization rituals and practices. This kit will help you practice the art of manifesting by helping you shift your internal thoughts, beliefs, and self-talk. It’s a beautiful kit to use if you enjoy the self-care practice of reciting and reflecting on positive affirmations, and for those who prefer active meditations versus silent meditations. Each kit comes with a downloadable mini course, instructions, and guided meditation for you as you navigate your kit for the first time. Please read the below detailed product description to learn more about each tool in your visualization ritual kit.


  • Card Deck of 30 positive affirmations
  • 2oz Hibiscus Mint Tea made with homegrown peppermint and homegrown stevia with tea infusion pouch included
  • Selenite wand
  • Palo Santo stick
  • High quality California Sage stick
  • Hemetite gemstone japa mala beads (prayer or meditation beads)

It’s studied to show that when we say or think something consistently enough that our brain and our being accepts it as a truth. Our self-talk and thoughts are extremely powerful, and what we tell ourselves can manifest into our reality. How often do you practice positive affirmations to transform your mindset and shift your reality? Usually, our daily thoughts are infiltrated with self-sabotaging judgments like, “I don’t like the way I look” or “Why can’t I make the amount of money that I need.” This visualization ritual kit combines the use of positive affirmation cards, meditative and reflective mala beads, selenite crystal to clear out energy to make way for abundance, and smudging sticks to help you transform your beliefs, self-talk, and to practice the art of visualization and manifestation.

This kit comes with a downloadable mini course on how to use all the tools in your visualization ritual box so that you can get into a beautiful rhythm of practicing visualization, affirmations, and manifestation. Uplifting and slightly sweet hibiscus mint tea is included in your kit to add an invigorating sensory stimulation through your sense of taste to provide an extra push of creativity and inspiration.

More about the tools in this kit:

  • This card deck showcases affirmations and mantras to promote positive thinking, confidence, inspiration, creativity and self-love. You can pick a card a day to use as your daily affirmation, or as desired. Many love to place their daily card in a place they pass by throughout the day to create a reminder to practice positive self-talk. Each card features a beautiful hand drawn design that will inspire you creatively and give you peace as you move through your day.
  • Hibiscus mint tea is an invigorating yet soothing herbal tea that tastes wonderful when served hot or cold. The hibiscus flower provides a multitude of health benefits and is useful for bolstering the immune system, acting as an antioxidant, and soothes the digestive system when combined with mint. This tea is sourced locally in the Midwest.
  • Selenite clears the energy in your space, helps promote balance within your chakras, attunes to your crown chakra which can ignite a closer bond to your intuition, and promotes healing and creativity. It is a beautiful crystal that can also energetically cleanse your additional spiritual tools before use.
  • Palo Santo from Peru has a slightly sweet aroma and can bring upon positive energies in a space when used, and creates a clear space around you by cleansing the energy. Known as “holy wood” in Spanish, and is commonly used by shamans in plant ceremonies.
  • California white sage is used for the energy clearing practice known as smudging and originates in Native American practices. Sage is known to cleanse the energy of the space, the energy within your body, and it has also been studied to show that it can kill airborne bacteria in your home when used appropriately.

*Please note that due to the natural state of the selenite, palo santo and sage stick, that these bundles will arrive in various different shapes and sizes.

Additional information

Weight34 oz
Dimensions12 × 8.5 × 4 in


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