End Your Struggle With Stress and Burnout By Leveling Up Your Self-Care and Meditation Practice.

The mental state of burnout and stress for many can be constant, almost as if it's now "normal" to feel this way.

It's time to create your new normal.

Do you feel as if you are just *used* to being overwhelmed and stressed all the time, and you’re almost accepting this constant energy drain as your new state of being?
Let’s change that.
Everything you need to become more centered, energized, clear, productive, and calm is already within you..actually, you were born with it. The only problem? You don’t know how to take advantage of what you were born with to regulate and bring yourself back into balance when overwhelm and burnout take over.
It’s time for you to learn how to tap into your stress busting, burnout recovering, and calm enhancing power through a deep, innate and robust channel – your senses.
It’s time for you to not only reconnect with your inner self and your powerful, born with it, mood regulating tools with a whole new intention, but it’s time for you to make this..
A New Way Of Living

Does This Sound Like You?

'Cause We've Been There

You are feeling constantly stressed out or overwhelmed and don’t know how to manage it. We will show you how.
Your self-care and meditation practice just isn’t cutting it, and you are having troubles lasting more than 30 seconds when you try to meditate. Maybe you’re going about it the wrong way, we’ll show you a different way.
You get anxiety or feel anxious and don’t know how to redirect your thoughts or become grounded. Some of these techniques are grounded in evidence-based psychotherapy practices that are utilized specifically for anxiety.
You’re sick of feeling like all you do is stare at your smartphone or computer screen, and feel like all you do is stay plugged into technology all day. Now you will have something else you can connect to that will make you feel free, clear, and disconnected from all that noise.
You’re sick of always feeling tired and groggy, like you never have the energy you once did. It’s time to stop depending on 5 cups of coffee a day.
You want to build up a spiritual practice as a space to feel secure but not quite sure how to do it. Let’s show you how to better get you connected to yourself and your source.
You’re a holistic health savvy person who wants to start a meditation practice but you’re a bit intimidated or think you can’t keep it up consistently. These methods will have you looking forward to meditating any chance you get.

Our Promise?

You will learn exactly how to start standing up to burnout, meditate and do self-care your own way, and feel more calm, clear and connected by learning how to  tap into each of your 5 physical senses and your 6th intuitive sense in evidence-based ways to regulate stress and anxious thoughts, understand a whole new way and perspective of living and experiencing your day to promote more clarity and calmness…and you will physically HAVE the tools to start implementing this in your life immediately. 

Here's What's Inside

7 Video Modules

Get immediate access to 7 video modules going over the science behind how each sense can be utilized for self-care and meditative practices, and the evidence to show how certain sensory practices create a physical and emotional reaction that will help you feel grounded, connected and calm. You will also get a full video tutorial of how to use your Sense Sanctuary toolkit as well as a guided ritual that will help you create your own sensory self-care meditation and spiritual practices.

Downloadable 38 page Guidebook

Receive a downloadable 38 page e-book that you will have for a lifetime to use time and time again as a reference to come back to as you learn how to work with your senses in a whole new light. Each video module will correspond with various parts of your guidebook so that you have two ways to soak in what you will be learning, as well as written instructions on how to use each of your tools, and written guides on creating your first Sense Sanctuary rituals.

Recorded Guided Meditation

Included in your virtual workshop is a recorded guided meditation that will lead you through a beautiful, soothing experience as you get acquainted with and use your toolkit for the first time. This guided meditation walks you through the full Sense Sanctuary experience, and can be used whenever you need a helping hand settling into your sanctuary.

2 Zoom Check-Ins For Q&A's and Additional Guidance

We will also be jamming together LIVE for 2 zoom check-ins where you can ask questions, get additional guidance, and meditation together as a collective! Zoom dates and times will be coordinated post enrollment and both virtual gatherings will be recorded for those who cannot make it.

And The Best Part? Actual Products!

What's Inside Your Sense Sanctuary Self-Care Kit: Meditation tools, herbal teas, self-care gadgets, high vibe crystals and more

Your own Sense Sanctuary toolkit will arrive at your doorstep with $200 in holistic tools and products. These tangible products will be your vehicle to tap into each sense and can be used all at once, or individually as you please. Each holistic tool is carefully sourced. Our ancient meditation tools are created with care in India where they originate, our herbs and tea are sourced locally, and our brand partners are conscious artisans and experts who put in immense effort to provide quality experience and rituals through their brand.

Tibetan Sound Bowl

Our sound bowl utilizes healing vibrational frequencies that promote a deep state of calm and a focal point to fall into an effortless form of meditation. To learn more about Tibetan sound bowls, click here.

manifestation affirmation cards

Affirmation Manifestation Card Deck

The affirmation manifestation card deck helps you intuitively select and reflect on a mantra that you can focus your energy towards throughout the day. It can serve as your affirmation, manifestation, or focal point of how to focus your intentions, thoughts and actions for the day.

Raw Selenite

Our selenite wands sourced from Morocco are a beautiful raw crystal that has been used as an aura and energy cleanser known as "liquid light" and helps free stagnant and stuck energy. These beautiful crystals are a great focal point for meditation, and can be utilized as apart of your energy cleansing practice.

Incense cones & incense holder

The warming vanilla incense cones and incense cone holder provide a comforting and grounding scent. When observe and appreciate the smell of incense, our olfactory system is stimulated which in turn creates an emotional and sometimes physical response in our body. Our vanilla cones sourced from India serve the purpose to provide emotional and nurturing comfort.

Hemetite Mala Beads

The hematite mala beads are a beautiful and rich tool originating from religious practices used by yogis and spiritual seekers for thousands of years. They are used for a special type of meditation called "japa" which means to recite. The hematite crystal provides energetic protection to take in negative energy to create positive vibes and to help you feel and remain grounded.

Hibiscus Peppermint Tea

The hibiscus peppermint tea awakens your taste buds and satisfies the need to feel refreshed and renewed. Locally sourced and homegrown peppermint and stevia leaves slightly sweeten while hibiscus provides a multitude of various health benefits.

Imagine if you could...

Let go of your attachment to your thoughts and not be so caught up on anxious thoughts or stressful mind chatter.

Learn how to meditate, and actually feel comfortable doing it and look forward to it.

Live each day in a whole new way with the knowledge on how to make each moment of your day enjoyable and pleasurable.

Create a self-care practice for yourself that actually worked uniquely for you, and you knew exactly what to do that would make yourself feel your best.

FINALLY release stress and feel better in the midst of burnout.

About Your Teacher: Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker is a #1 New Release Author, Internationally accredited meditation teacher, certified holistic mindset coach, integrative nutrition and holistic health consultant, vibrational sound guide, and TV host. Sarah has been working with and educating people from all over the US for almost 10 years through specialized nutrition, cooking, holistic health and mindfulness meditation protocols. 
She is the founder of Balanced Babe media where you can find over 700 articles on various holistic health topics and the Balanced Babe podcast. She is also an On-Air Health correspondent to various Chicago morning shows such as ABC’s Windy City Live, Good Day Chicago Fox, WCIU The Jam, WGN Midday News and Living Healthy Chicago, and more. Sarah specializes in helping people recover from burnout and chronic stress/anxiety and overwhelm, as well as improving client’s relationship with food through her nutrition and cooking classes. 
Sarah uses  various principles she’s accumulated over the years to create truly unique holistic health modalities that help clients heal, reduce stress and anxiety, improve and preserve their health, energy and greater connection to their spiritual practice. Her goal is to help clients and students tap into their innate healing capabilities through multi-sensory programming so that they can sustain a truly fulfilled and joyous life. By integrating nutrition, meditation, and multi-sensory lifestyle practices, you will receive the tools to give your brain and body an upgrade. 

Why This is A No Brainer

Once you’re in – you’re in forever! As a founding student, you will also receive special discounts to future offerings and products, and access to all future community groups. 

No matter how busy you are, or what you have on your plate, you will be able to go at your own pace. Want to binge watch all modules and knock this course out in a marathon session? Go for it! You can re-watch your training as needed or take in content in little bites. 

You get special access to any new course upgrades or updates, as we will be creating new additions consistently!

Save over $250 when you join our very first masterclass, as we are creating an insanely affordable introductory offer for our first 15 students. 

Let's Do This

Each product in the Sense Sanctuary Self-Care Kit serves a specific purpose to help you create a sacred space in your home, office, or wherever you are. After learning how to use each product, you have the power to elevate your wellness practice. You can utilize each holistic tool however you please based on your unique path. It is your space to retreat to at the start of your morning, after a long day, or whenever you need to reconnect with the present moment or your inner guide.